Shushana Caplan

Shushana Caplan is an artist and art teacher who grew up in Montreal, Canada. She was born in Brest, in Belarus in 1940, just at the beginning of World War ll. The family was sent to Siberia for most of the war period. Shushana emigrated to Canada in 1948 with her parents and brother, Harry.

She received her education in art at the Saydie Bronfman Center and Concordia University, where she earned degrees in Fine Arts as well as in Fine Arts Education. Mixed-media painting is her preferred approach at present, using a base of abstract acrylics with collage, although she has worked in many other media as well, including printmaking and watercolor.

Her art influences include Ming Ma, Seymour Segal, Patrick Langsley, Susan Hansson, and Sally Cooper.

Artist's Statement

My work is autobiographical in the sense that it is an ongoing narration of my inner mind-space. Personal memories and fantasies are explored aesthetically, but the actual process of painting is discovery. I believe that painting is much more than simply making beautiful pictures. It is the act of finding meaning.

I am now in the process of exploring my early experiences as a child refugee in Siberia and the heritage of my parents and grandparents in Poland. Using reproductions of a small packet of photographs, some over a hundred years old, that my parents guarded through their travels across war-torn Poland and Russia and brought to Canada, I create "dreamscapes" of those times. The paintings evoke stories, which I am beginning to document. It is my hope to one day combine these paintings and stories as a legacy for my family, in particular my children and grandchildren, to give them a picture of my journey as a person and an artist in both images and words.


Concordia University




art show, Raizel’s Journey, Coral Springs Museum - Coral Springs, FL (My first exhibition in a museum.)


one person show art exhibition, Raizel’s Journey, Dorshai Emmet exhibition gallery - Montreal, QC (I was the keynote speaker for the Yisker services.)


art gallerie, Biennial, Museum - Boca Raton, FL


art group show, Spring Show, Coral Springs Museum - Coral Springs, FL


one person show, Raizel’s Journey, Beth Tzadek Museum - Toronto, Canada